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New Jersey Superior Court

Cases involving criminal, civil and family law are heard in the Superior Court. The Superior Court is referred to as the trial court because it is where trials are conducted. There is a Superior Court in each of New Jersey's 21 counties. There are approximately 360 Superior Court trial judges in New Jersey.

Lynda Lee has over 25 years experience handling cases in the Superior Courts of New Jersey.

The Superior Court is the state court in the state of New Jersey, with state-wide trial and appellate jurisdiction. The Superior Court has three divisions: the Appellate Division which is the intermediate appellate court while the Law and Chancery Divisions function as trial courts. Each division is in turn divided into various parts.

Monmouth County Superior Court

Like justices of the New Jersey Supreme Court, judges of the Superior Court are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the State Senate for initial terms of seven years. If reappointed before the expiration of the initial term, the judge is said to have tenure and can serve until the mandatory judicial retirement age of 70. Retired judges may be recalled to serve in courts other than the Supreme Court. Judges are assigned to the court's divisions and parts (and in the case of the Law and Chancery Divisions, to a particular vicinage) by the Supreme Court.

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