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NJ Traffic Tickets and Moving Violations

Traffic tickets that are considered moving violations generally assess points to your drivers license and threaten your right to legally drive in New Jersey. They can also affect the cost of auto insurance. The New Jersey Division of Motor Vehicles also may assess fines called surcharges.

For these reasons, it is wise to consult a lawyer if you want to assert a defense in municipal court to an issued traffic ticket. Having an experienced lawyer by your side will make the entire process easier for you as a defendant.

Lynda Lee handles these types of offenses and works diligently to minimize the financial impact on you as well as the impact on your driving privileges.

Infractions for which a lawyer would be helpful:
- speeding
- careless driving
- reckless driving
- failure to stop
- driving without a valid license
- driving without insurance
- driving with a suspended/revoked license

NJ Guide to Traffic Violations (fines)

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